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6082 Aluminum Alloy Forges

Aluminium alloy 6082 is a medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. It has the highest strength of the 6000 series alloys (6061, 6063, 6082, etc). Alloy 6082 is known as a structural alloy.

Aluminium Grade: 6082




Temper: O, T4, T6, F,etc.

Certificate: DNV/ABS/Lioyds/BV

Packing: blank waterproof paper, kraft, wooden case or pallet (fumigation report for the wooden packing material)

Features: very good elongation, anti-corrosion performance


Overview of 6082 Aluminum Alloy Forges

Aluminium Alloy 6082 is an alloy which belongs to the wrought magnesium-aluminum-silicon family. Aluminium 6082 alloy is a medium strength alloy and offers the highest strength compared to other 6000 series alloy. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and also offers many other excellent properties like high tensile strength, durability, machinability, weldability, etc. Alloy 6082 offers high thermal and electrical conductivity. This alloy is usually formed by rolling and extrusion and it is not used for casting. This alloy can be heat treated to make tempers with high strength. This alloy also used in high-temperature conditions where its component undergoes into high temperature.

Features of 6082 Aluminum Alloy Forges

1. Low density

2. The surface is smooth and clean, with good surface treatment performance, beautiful and durable.

3. High specific strength, high specific rigidity, high specific elastic modulus, and high fatigue strength. It is applicable to key stressed parts with high lightweight requirements, and its comprehensive performance is far superior to other materials.

4. The internal structure is fine, uniform and free of defects, and its reliability is much higher than that of aluminum alloy castings and die castings, and also higher than that of other metal castings.

5. The aluminum alloy has good plasticity and can be processed into high-precision forgings with complex shapes. The machining allowance of parts is small, which is only about 20% of the aluminum alloy round bar plate.

6. Aluminum alloy forgings have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and non-magnetic properties, which are incomparable to steel forgings.

Applications of 6082 Aluminum Alloy Forges

Aluminium 6082 Forgings are available in various shapes and types to meet industrial demands. It is like Forged Custom Shapes, Forged Fittings, Forged Round bars, Elbow, Forged Caps, Forged Tee, Forged Fasteners, Forged Pipes, Forged Square bars, Forged Rings, Forged Flat Bars, and more.

Supplier of Aluminum Forges

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Mechanical properties for 6082 Aluminum Alloy Forges

Density: 2.71 g/cm3

Young's modulus: 71 GPa, or 10 Msi.

Ultimate tensile strength: 140 to 330 MPa, or 20 to 48 ksi.

Yield strength: 280 MPa, or 13 to 41 ksi.

Thermal Expansion: 23.1 μm/m-K.

Solidus: 575 °C or 1070 °F

Tensile Strength, MPa

Yield Strength 0.2%, MPa

Elongation %

Hardness HBW





Aluminium 6082 Forgings Chemical Composition











Other Each

Others Total

Aluminium 6082


0.7 - 1.3

0.50 max

0.10 max


0.25 max


0.20 max

0.10 max

0.05 max

0.15 max


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