What is Aluminum special shaped parts?

Aluminum special shape parts are a kind of parts specially made by aluminum ingots according to the model shape. Special parts are customized according to different customer needs, and are widely used in all walks of life.

Features of Aluminum special shaped parts

Low density, non-toxic, high thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to corrosion, and can be cast, machined and molded quickly. It's non-magnetic and non-sparking as well. It is the second most ductile and the sixth most malleable metal.

Applications of Aluminum special shaped parts

The applications include roofing, foil insulation, windows, cladding, doors, shopfronts, balustrading, architectural hardware and guttering. Aluminum is also commonly used as the in the form of treadplate and industrial flooring.

How to customize aluminum special shaped parts?

1. Design product samples: we can send our own needs or sample drawings to the aluminum processing plant. The processing plant will make a quotation according to the sample drawings and section size. The quotation is generally divided into mold opening fees and material fees. If deep processing is required, there will also be processing fees. If you feel that the quotation is within your acceptable range, you can open the mold.

2. Trial mold: the processing manufacturer will process a sample according to the drawing. After the mold is opened, we'd better check whether the quality, size, thickness, etc. of the trial mold sample meet our needs, and how the sample meets our requirements. We will place an order for mass production.

3. Batch production requires advance deposit: before batch production, a certain amount of deposit needs to be paid to the processing plant. If the aluminum products produced do not need to be further processed, the aluminum products can be packaged and shipped. After arrival, the balance can be paid off.

4. Deep processing: if the produced aluminum materials need to be deep processed, first determine the deep processing drawings, and then batch deep processing of aluminum profiles can be carried out after the drawings are determined, such as drilling, cutting, tapping, etc.

The above is the process of customizing industrial aluminum profiles. If you need to customize die opening aluminum profiles, you can contact customer service!

Aluminum Grade of Aluminum special shaped parts

Alloy Grade

1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx


F, 0, Hxxx, Txxxx

Alloy Series





Major alloying element

1*** Series

1050 1060 1100

F, HO, H12, H14, H16,H18, H22, H24, H26, H32,H111, H112, T4, T6, T351, T651       



Pure aluminium (99.0% and greater)

2*** Series

2A12 2024 2017

Copper is major addition

3*** Series

3003 3105

Manganese is major addition

4*** Series

4045 4047 4343

Silicon is major addition

5*** Series

5052 5A02 5A03 5A055754 5083 5086

Magnesium is major addition

6*** Series

6061 6063 6082

Magnesium and silicon are major additions

7*** Series

7075 7A04 7050 7175

Zinc is the major addition

8*** Series

8006 8011 8079

Other Alloys

This is for reference only, product details to the actual subject.

Supplier of Aluminum special shaped parts

Staral alloy is a professional aluminum  manufacturer providing different size and alloy types of aluminum products. Create reliable quality, let customer satisfaction is our pursuit. After the customer receives the goods, our after-sales personnel will follow up in time to provide perfect after-sales service.