Benefits of aluminum cans

What is aluminum can?

The task of aluminum cans made of aluminum coils is to hold beverages. The 355ml aluminum can sold in most parts of the world is cylindrical and approximately twice as tall (12cm high) as wide (6.5cm diameter). A lot of aluminum could be used with less if aluminum cans got shorter and fatter. For example, a cylindrical aluminum can with a height of 7.8 cm and a diameter of 7.6 cm has the same capacity as the current standard, but it can use nearly 30% less aluminum.

What are advantages of aluminum cans?


Aluminum is a unique metal: strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable. In fact, aluminum is at the top of the recycling chain because of its unlimited recyclability without any loss in its quality. That's why more than two-thirds of aluminum is still in use today. Because recycled aluminum is much cheaper than producing it from virgin ore, many manufacturers are eager to specify it for their products. Recycled aluminum can take many forms, allowing it to be used in a wide range of products. The evidence is everywhere. Aluminum saves more energy during recycling than any other material. Recycling aluminum requires only 5% more energy than producing natural aluminum from bauxite. Aluminum can be recycled and reused at a fraction of the initial production cost without losing any of its properties or qualities. Recycling aluminum uses less energy and can offer substantial cost benefits, which appeal to manufacturers, end users and environmental groups.


Aluminum has inherent high-end market qualities that set it apart from other packaging materials. Its unique physical properties provide the means for launching new brands, introducing existing brands into new markets, and reviving established brands to new levels of success. This is especially true in the food industry, where CCL's packaging not only helps the company differentiate its brand from competitors, but also helps guarantee a long shelf life of the product. In every case, aluminum packaging provides the look and style to elevate the product and brand far beyond the competition.


Creating attention-grabbing and differentiated packaging at the point of sale is critical to winning the battle to be the brand of choice for today's consumers. Aluminum packaging for CCL containers offers exceptional styling and stunning decorative solutions, bringing premium brands on store shelves for consumers to take them home.


Aluminum packaging has long been, and continues to be, the container of choice for consumers, who respond to innovative form and reliable function. The superior look and feel of aluminum creates an impression of premium quality that is unmatched by other packaging materials. More and more high-end brands are adopting unique shapes and eye-popping aluminum container solutions to attract consumers' attention. Superior recycled quality is another reason why growing environmentally conscious consumers favor aluminum packaging products.

Price of aluminum coils

Usually the price will be affected by raw materials, market environment, research and development costs, etc. If you need to know the latest price of aluminum alloy, you can contact Staral’s customer service to answer your questions.

About Staral

Staral specializes in the deep processing business of aluminum products. Its main equipment include melting and holding furnaces from Switzerland GAUTSCHI, electro-magnetic stirring machines, refinery equipment and casting machines etc., 1+1+4 continuous hot rolling mill, 1+5 continuous hot rolling mill/three-stand and single-stand cold rolling mills with patent CVC flatness control imported from Germany SMS Group. Staral also placed large investments for high performance assisting equipment.

Staral’s main products are series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. The main products are ultra wide aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy medium plate, aluminum alloy heckered plate, aluminum alloy brazing plate, aluminum coil, aluminum tube, aluminum profile, aluminum circle, aluminum forges, etc.

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