Aluminum Alloy Tube

Aluminum Condenser Header Pipe

Pipe and tube might be two words for hollow cylinders, but as we’ve explained, they’re not the same. Basically, the pipe uses the inside and the tube the outside.

Aluminium Grade: Cladding layers: 4045, 4343, 4043, 7072, and other anti-corrosion layers, can be added with zinc as needed; Core layer: 3003, 3305, 6063, etc.

Outer diameter: 9-61mm.

Wall thickness: 1-3.0mm.

Temper: M, H14, H16, H18, or according to customer requirement.

Packing: Single side cladding material, double sides cladding material.

Processing: High-frequency weldin

Features: very good elongation, anti-corrosion performance

Overview of Aluminum Alloy Pipe

The aluminum condenser header pipe also called aluminum condenser manifold, which is one of the important parts of HVAC systems. The primary usage is to uniformly distribute coolant of pipe circuits in air coolers, dry coolers, evaporators, and condensers to avoid creating temperature layers in the passing air stream. The header consists of an oversized pipe, which ensures speed and pressure are so small as to have a negligent effect on the inlet resistance in the individual circuits. The fluorine in the air conditioner is compressed by the compressor to produce high-temperature and high-pressure liquefied gas, which is condensed by the condenser and then becomes a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid, and enters the collector tube.

Applications of aluminum pipe

· Automotive refrigerators

· New energy vehicles

· Home appliance air conditioners

· Construction machinery

· Spacecraft mooring

· Other heat exchanger cores

Characteristics of Aluminum Condenser Header Pipe

· Low cost and lightweight

· Easy welding

· Easy to form and bend

· Resistant to low temperatures

· Good corrosion resistance

· Good voltage resistance

· Compliance with standard ROHS

· Small deviation range

· Cost-effective

Manufacturer of Aluminum Alloy Pipe

Staral Alloy is a professional aluminum supplier, providing users with different types of aluminum products. The price of aluminium is not only low, but also has high corrosion resistance. We strictly control the production process of each product to ensure high quality.


Product Name

Aluminum Tube / Pipe

Aluminum Pipe

Specifcation for round pipe

OD: 15nm-160nm

WT: 1-40mm

Length: 1-12m

Specification for square pipe

SIZE: 7X7mmm- 150X150 nlm

WT: 1-40mm

Length: 1-12m

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